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That’s one way to get in the holiday spirit!

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Your Christmas tree might have trouble standing this year, and it has nothing to do with how tight you fasten those screws or how mischievous your pets are.

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That’s because the folks at The Lakes Distillery in the U.K. have come up with a brilliantly boozy new way to decorate your tree this year: liquor-filled ornaments.

Talk about getting in the holiday spirit!

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The adults-only ornaments are sold both individually and in gift sets of six, and revelers can choose from whiskey-, gin-, and vodka-filled baubles. But don’t get too excited yet. Unfortunately, they’re only available at the distillery's U.K. location at the moment. Before you slip into a pit of despair, the geniuses at Tasting Table pointed out that that just means we’ll have to get creative with our own DIY versions. Challenge accepted.

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Cheers, y’all!

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