There's a perfectly scientific explanation.

By MeganMegan McCluskey / and
March 09, 2017
Pink Water in Australia
Credit: Parks Victoria

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Hot on the heels of Canada’s pink drinking water incident, a lake in Australia has turned a vivid pink color thanks to a seasonal natural phenomenon.

According to the Parks Victoria Facebook page, the new shade of the salt lake in Melbourne’s Westgate Park is due to a mix of high salt levels, high temperatures, sunlight and lack of rainfall that causes algae at the bottom of the lake to produce a red pigment.

However, despite the water’s inviting hue, the park advises against swimming in the lake in its current state. “Enjoy the views, but we recommend you don’t come into contact with the water,” Parks Victoria wrote. “The lake is expected to return to its normal colour towards winter, when the weather cools and rainfall increases.”

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