I’m in love with the shape of…mew?

By Saryn Chorney / People.com
September 14, 2017
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto; Phil Faraone/MTV1617/Getty Images for MTV

This story originally appeared on People.com.

Much like his bestie Taylor Swift, singer Ed Sheeran has a thing for cats. And, as it turns out, the feeling is mutual.

Japan’s tiny Ainoshima Island is a pussycat paradise, and its furry inhabitants are trying to woo the singer with a special invitation to visit during his October tour to the country.

A YouTube video, called Dear Mr. Ed Sheeran, begins with a beautiful long-distance shot of the island before focusing in on dozens of delightful felines scampering about and basking in the sun.

Nicknamed “Cat Heaven Island,” the pseudo-tourism video politely address the hit maker: “Dear Mr. Ed Sheeran,” then goes on to say, “Did you know that there is a cat island in Japan? It’s called Ainoshima. It’s a tiny, tiny island and the size can’t even be compared to Ireland!” (We assume that’s some feline flirting regarding his heritage?)

The video later goes on to declare its 150 or so islanders as “care-free and full of life” with “so much love for one another.” And so much love for Ed Sheeran, too, apparently.

Keeping our ear perked — and claws crossed — that the pop singer hears this siren song and stops by as a special gift to these pretty, seductive kitties.

This Story Originally Appeared On People