By Leena Rao /
May 16, 2017

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It’s no secret that Facebook-owned Instagram has been copying many of its newest features from rival app Snapchat. In fact, Instagram’s CEO even admitted it last year.

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On Tuesday, the trend continued with Instagram’s latest update that includes face filters, which let users add eight silly effects to faces in photos like Koala ears. Snapchat has a very similar effect called lenses, which is among its most popular features.

With the update, Instagram users can also add hashtags to their Stories, a feature for collecting and sharing photos and videos about individual events (and yet another feature that was borrowed from Snapchat). Followers will be able to tap the hashtag to access other posts with the same hashtag.

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Additionally, Instagram debuted a number of new creative tools for its users, including an eraser brush in the drawing tools. So when you fill and entire screen with color on an image, you can use the eraser brush to reveal certain parts of the photo underneath the color.

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Instagram has been quickly adding new features to its app over the past year to attract more users. Some estimate that Instagram’s Stories has eroded Snapchat’s own user base, which analysts warned about when Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc., held its initial public offering in March.

Judging by Tuesday’s announcement, this probably won’t be the end of Instagram getting inspiration from Snapchat.