By Maureen Lee Lenker /
December 22, 2017
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

2017 was filled with highs and lows for all involved, but the new year means it’s time for fresh starts — and one viral Twitter meme is offering suggestions. Whether you want to kick off 2018 jamming to your favorite song at the exact right moment or kiss goodbye a song you hated, there are plenty of clever ideas making their way across Twitter. Hilariously, the tweets also include exact timecodes to make it all the more memorable. For example, Phil Collins on Thursday recommended that people play “In the Air Tonight” at 11:56:40 so that the “drum break will play right as the clock strikes midnight.” According to Collins, this will help you “start off your new year right,” and how can you argue with him?

Some TV shows even joined the party.

Read below for some of our favorite suggestions to rock out to (or leave by the wayside) on New Year’s Eve.

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