The Bagel Nook

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Whether we like it or not Flamin’ Hot Cheetos have taken over America. The idea of a humble janitor, the mouth-burning snacks are incredibly popular and being hacked into all kinds of recipes, like sushi burritos and marshmallow treats. They’ve even inspired a very catchy song. The latest mashup comes from Freehold, New Jersey’s own The Bagel Nook and it’s, you guessed it, a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos bagel.

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Sure, at first mention it may sound like an abomination of all that is hole-y. (Don’t laugh at that.) Then again, the spicy red dust and suggested Cool Ranch cream cheese might also have sort of a Buffalo wings dipped in bleu cheese dressing effect. Of course if the Hot Cheetos aren’t enough tastebud torture, there’s a ghost chili cream cheese to further enflame your order. “It’s only for the brave,” The Bagel Nook owner David Berkowitz tells FWx.

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The Doritos bagel is another beast entirely. Oh did I forget to mention? There’s a nacho cheese Doritos bagel, too. It’s closest cousin would probably be an asiago or cheddar cheese bagel, but you know, with more crumbs. Not that that’s a bad thing. We all tip the Doritos bag upside down to get every last one of those corny nacho-dusted bits down our gullets. Admit it. The Doritos bagel is paired with a bacon cheddar cream cheese for extra cheesy flavor. Plus, you know, bacon.

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The Bagel Nook is famous for its wild takes on the classic ringed bread. “My son Alex and I came up with the Dorito bagel. After that was a success, being that we love spicy food, we came up with the Flamin’ Hot Cheeto bagel,” Berkowitz says. “We love creating and coming up with new ideas.” Other incarnations include a French toast bagel, a Fruity Pebbles bagel, a Cap’n Crunch bagel an Oreo bagel, and the Doughel, a bagel/doughnut hybrid. And you thought poppy seeds were exotic.