It's their latest "travel addiction."

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Hilary Duff, Matthew Koma
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Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma are happily "moonin' n swoonin'" in South Africa (as the Lizzie McGuire star put it on Instagram)!

The newlyweds embarked on a safari honeymoon trip to Kruger National Park after tying the knot in an intimate backyard ceremony on December 21, and have been sharing their experiences on social media ever since. When they're not out lounging poolside or photographing all the animals they've seen, they're back in their lodge playing one of their latest "travel addiction[s]": Bananagrams. The couple has shared several Instagram Stories while playing the game throughout their honeymoon.

In one photo, it looks as though Duff beat Koma since her word grid was complete and his letters were jumbled. During another round, the letter tiles on the table are flipped over (as they would be to start the game) and Duff held up the game's signature yellow banana pouch.

The object of this award-winning anagram game is for players to build a crossword grid using all of his or her letters first. Unlike Scrabble, there are no points associated with letter tiles, so this game is purely about who can get creative with words and build the fastest grid. Sounds pretty fun, right?

Well, more than 2,400 Amazon shoppers agree and have given it a five-star review. And some have even crowned it "one of the best games ever." It comes 144 letter tiles that can be zipped up and stored in the compact banana-shaped pouch, making it easy to travel with (and probably one of the reasons Duff and Koma packed it for their trip). What's great about this brain game is that it can also be an educational tool, especially for early learners. Per Duff's Stories, it appears the couple has combined their regular Bananagrams game with the kids' version that comes with larger, colorful word building tiles and feature lowercase letters.

The two share a daughter, Banks Violet Blair, 1, and Duff has a 7-year-old son, Luca Cruz Comrie with her former husband, Mike Comrie. Since they seem to love the game so much, it makes sense that they would also want the kids to get in on the fun. Bananagrams is also said to be loved by celebs of all ages, according to the brand, including Ellen DeGeneres, Maggie Smith, Kelly Clarkson, and Jimmy Kimmel.

You can snag the regular and kids' versions of the games on Amazon for just under $15 — so whether you're looking for a fun, new family game or something to take on the road for traveling, you can't go wrong with Bananagrams (as Duff and Koma have proven).

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