Tailgates and winter road trips just got so much warmer.

By Emily VanSchmus / BHG.com
October 30, 2019

Last winter, we discovered heated car blankets exist, making winter travel so much more comfortable. If you didn't stock up on this genius invention last year, we have good news: It's officially back in stock. And this year, it comes in six different colors.

The plaid fleece blanket is designed specifically for your car; simply plug the cord into your car’s cigarette lighter instead of a traditional outlet. It also has a 96-inch cord, which makes it comfortable and easy for backseat passengers to snuggle up with on long road trips. Take this to a chilly outdoor tailgate party to stay warm while you cheer on your team.

The blanket measures 59 inches by 43 inches and has more than 460 five-star reviews. Amazon reports it will work in any car, truck, or RV that has a cigarette lighter—and it will start warming up as soon as you plug it in. Plus, the fleece material keeps the blanket warm long after you unplug it, making it perfect for outdoor events in the colder months. Let the blanket heat up in the car on the way to a football game or an outdoor party and enjoy the comfort of the heated throw even after you get out of the car.

Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: amazon.com, $24-$32

As with all electric blankets, safety is essential. Never leave a plugged-in blanket unattended, and make sure the cord and plug are in good condition before plugging it in. Because the blanket includes wiring and an electrical cord, keep it dry at all times. Avoid using while driving.

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