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Social media went wild Monday when the week kicked off with images of a hairy chest swimsuit popping up around the 'net ... and people discovered it was 100 percent real.

The Sexy Chest One Piece Swimsuit is available at Beloved (; $44.95), and features the portly chest of a hairy man covering the entire front of the suit, and a hairy back on the back of it. The swimsuit comes in three different shades to match skin tones—natural, tan, and dark—and six sizes.

How the swimsuit came to be and why anyone would rock it to the beach (or anywhere else) is unclear ... but it's happening. Take this mom, for instance, who strolled out of the bathroom wearing it, and caused her son to scream in horror.

For those who want the same reaction, there's good news. Beloved Shirts is giving fans the chance to win a hairy chest swimsuit on Instagram.

Hairy chests on the beach for all.

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