By Joey Skladany /
February 27, 2017
Credit: Broad Street Dough Co.

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Be still, our Girl Scout cookie and doughnut-loving hearts.

If news around the world has left you feeling hopeless, cynical and downright depressed these days, Girl Scout cookie-doughnut hybrids have a 100 percent chance of turning any frown upside down. Don't believe us? Just ask our stomachs.

Featuring Thin Mints, Samoas (Caramel deLites) and Tagalongs (Peanut Butter Patties), New Jersey's Broad Street Dough Co. is the mastermind behind the sugar coma-inducing trio that can basically inspire world peace.

According to Cosmopolitan, owner Desdemona Dalia buys a couple thousand boxes each year to fulfill her baking needs. Needless to say, the Girl Scout taking these orders is getting that bike or special trip to Space Camp. And perhaps even a Mercedes.

The limited edition flavors typically last until July, but who's really going to wait until then to devour these seasonal delights? Here's what you can expect when it comes to the familiar flavor profiles in fried pastry form:

Thin Mint Doughnut: A chocolate doughnut dipped in warm chocolate, topped with chocolate crunchies and drizzled with a chocolate and mint glaze.

Samoa Doughnut: A traditional doughnut dripped in warm caramel and toasted coconut, then topped with a warm chocolate drizzle and dollop of Bavarian cream.

Tagalong Dougnut: A traditional doughnut dipped in chocolate and topped with peanut butter.

Each doughnut is then adorned with its respective cookie. Because #obviously.

Between these doughnuts, Girl Scout cookie cereal, milk, shots, ice cream and even candles, we're not entirely sure if we can handle another iteration of this delicious American classic. What will people think of next? Girl Scout cookie pizza? Girl Scout cookie chapstick? Girl Scout cookie lollipops?

More likely than not, we're going to see all of the above sometime in the near future

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