And you thought your family gatherings were stressful.
Great White Shark Boat Vacation Holiday
Credit: Nature Picture Library/Getty Images

Sure, dodging questions from relatives about when you’re going to get married and give your parents a grandchild is rough, but it could be worse. At least there aren’t any sharks in your aunt’s living room.

An Australian family was literally stuck navigating treacherous waters together over the holiday break.

According to Mashable, Jodie Brown and her family of seven hopped on to a small boat on Tuesday to spend some time enjoying the beautiful day in the waters outside Port Victoria.

Their swimming plans were abruptly canceled when a great white shark, roughly 16-feet long, decided to join in on the reunion, swimming slow, intimidating circles around their 19-foot boat.

Brown says that the predator kept going around the craft and coming back again for about 20 minutes. The family eventually headed back to shore, leaving the shark behind, after several of the younger passengers started to get scared.

Before scooting back to safety, the Brown family was able to get video of this “incredible experience” so they can remember the family reunion’s guest star forever.

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