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Graduating college and getting your start in the workforce can be an overwhelming experience. Not only do recent grads have to worry about standing out among a sea of other applicants, but accepting a job typically also means finding a first apartment and possibly even moving to a new city.

What many recent grads might not know is that there are countless companies offering remote positions for entry-level workers. What was once considered a luxury reserved for higher-ups and executives, the Internet has made it possible for workers at all levels to connect with their employer from anywhere in the world.

This is also advantageous to recent grads, as it allows them to save money on commuting costs and rent (if they are able to live at home with their parents). According to a Global Workplace Analytics report, remote workers can save more than $4,000 a year in costs.

Whether you’re changing career paths later in life or you’re a recent grad just joining the workforce, check out these 10 remote positions that are currently hiring.

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