Here's what it actually tastes like.

By Chris Morris /
March 30, 2018
Getty Images

The craft beer world has never met an ingredient it didn’t like.

Having put together beers with everything from Oreos to whale testicles smoked in sheep dung, the industry has now come up with what seems like the perfect beer for Easter—Peeps-flavored beer.

Collective Brewing Project, out of Dallas, is behind the new concoction. Called Peep This Collab, the beer is made in conjunction with a local bar, Lone Star Taps & Caps. It’s a sour ale that contains more than 30 boxes of Peeps, as well as edible glitter to make it shine.

The taste is described as “marshmallow-y and lightly tart.”

Stunt beers are a way to turn heads—and sometimes capture a little mainstream attention. And Collective has shown itself quite adept at using them for this purpose. Last summer, the brewery was responsible for Cup O’ Beer, a ramen-flavored gose.

Peep This Collab, while it’s certainly unusual, isn’t the first time brewers have experimented with Peeps as an ingredient. Three years ago, Barrels and Bottles Brewery in Golden, Colo. offered an extra special bitter that was brewed with Peeps, though the number of marshmallow treats used in that offering was a fair bit lower.