Forget all those party buses.
Is This the World’s Most Expensive Bar Crawl?
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Remember that time you talked about renting a limo to take you on a personal brewery tour? Sure, that’s a fun idea—if you’re happy living a life of mild luxury. For those looking to take their beer crawls to the next level real luxury a Canadian company is offering private, custom brewery and pub tours via an executive seaplane. Yeah, I’d like to see your silly limo get you from the Canadian mainland to Victoria Island! It ain’t happening!

Butiq Escapes — a British Columbia-based brand who loves luxury at least as much as they hate proper spelling—offers this “most epic beer tour in the country” starting from just $5,000 per group. According to the company’s website, each tour is custom tailored to your drinking interests. “You and up to five friends can embark on this BC beer tour and the options to make this day even more special are endless,” Butiq writes on its website. “Visit Canada’s oldest brewpub, make a quick stop off in Tofino for an oceanside brew or head to Victoria where many breweries are a short walk away. We also make a couple unique stops along the way to make sure you see some of this beautiful province and get to taste some amazing food.” You can even choose whether to go with a day, overnight or full weekend trip. Heck, why not go for an entire week. It’s not like anyone can fire you: You’re obviously the CEO.

What all the tours have in common, however, is that you and your guests get shuttled around in a custom Cessna Caravan Seaplane. “This is a refined beer experience for those that truly love the craft,” Butiq goes on to boast. That’s right: If you don’t end up hiring a seaplane for your next beer crawl, it’s clearly because you don’t truly love the craft enough. Seriously, you want us to do a walking pub crawl?! Why do you not truly love the craft, dude?!?

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