It’s definitely a surprising choice.

We’re Totally Confused By the Newest Oreo Flavor
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Oreo has been known to launch some pretty interesting flavors, from candy-inspired (such as Swedish Fish and Peeps) to seasonal releases (Candy Corn, anyone?!). But their latest creation has us really scratching our heads: it’s Cookies & Crème—as in, Oreo-flavored Oreos.

The limited time flavor, which is available exclusively at Walmart, was launched as a result of a program called Oreo Vote. Walmart customers were asked to vote on one of three new Walmart-exclusive flavors for 2017: Cookies & Crème, Jelly Donut, or Caramel Apple. Cookies & Crème won the vote, and will now be available at Walmart locations nationwide for the next four to six weeks.

Technically, the flavor isn’t brand new—it’s been released by Oreo before as a limited-edition flavor. The cookies are described as having an “Oreo base cake with cream and cookie bit inclusions,” a Walmart spokesperson told So if you've always wanted more cookies in your cookies-to-creme ratio, this flavor is just for you.

The packaging makes it clear that the new flavor is meant to be a riff on Cookies & Crème ice cream. While this doesn't totally help their case (because Cookies & Crème was inspired by the Oreo), it might attract die-hard Cookies and Crème ice cream fans.

Either way, we’re willing to give it a try. And if you're not sold on the new flavor, try their new line of candy bars (which we can't get enough of). Or, make our 3-ingredient Cookies 'n' Cream fudge.

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