Casper The Down Duvet

This Moisture-wicking Down Duvet Keeps Me Warm Without Causing Night Sweats — and It's on Sale Right Now

Casper’s early Black Friday deals have arrived.
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Casper The Down Duvet

The transition between summer quilts and winter comforters can be tedious if you're prone to night sweats like I am. Finding a duvet that maintains warmth during the cooler months while wicking away moisture has always proven to be near impossible for me — until an opportunity to test Casper's The Down Duvet came along. 

The brand is known for its top-notch home and bedding products that consistently garner high ratings from customers, and this fluffy duvet is no exception. Made from 100 percent cotton and ethically sourced down filling, it provides year-round comfort for even the hottest sleepers. Designed with sewn-in chambers to keep it in place, the down fill won't budge, which allows the duvet itself to maintain its shape — even if you toss it in the washing machine and dryer. Plus, it can easily fit into a variety of duvet covers.  

My experience with The Down Duvet was successful right off the bat. When the heat was turned on in my small apartment, I was worried the blanket would trap warmth too well for me to sleep comfortably. Instead, I was (pleasantly) proven wrong when I discovered that I hardly sweat throughout the night and could even sleep in sweatpants without waking up to them sticking to my legs. 

This blanket really lived up to its promise of providing a soothing sleep experience with little to no tossing and turning. It's lightweight enough to maintain breathability, yet weighted enough that I felt cozy and safe. I even noticed my dreaming got less chaotic with this duvet on my bed, presumably because I was sleeping more soundly.

Casper The Down Duvet

To buy:, from $225 (was $250)

Plenty of other Casper customers are also satisfied with the cooling duvet insert; one called it the "best investment" while another said it "helps you feel calm and secure."

"The workmanship and quality is superb," said one reviewer. "I have used it for about a week so far and love it. I used to perspire regularly during sleep. This duvet has pretty much eliminated the sweating. I really appreciate its cool, light and fresh to touch feel."

Right now, you can grab my favorite fluffy duvet in sizes ranging from twin to California king for 10 percent off thanks to the brand's early Black Friday deals. You'll find discounts on other Casper must-haves, too, including 30 percent off bedding bundles, 15 percent off mattresses, and 10 percent off pillows

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