It’s as stylish as it is durable.

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Catiba Pro Skate Shoes
Credit: Cariuma

Picture this: You walk out the door, take a few steps to your destination, and boom, your shoe breaks. Ouch. Oftentimes, this happens to the footwear you tend to wear the most, because lots of wear causes lots of tear. But what if we told you that an unbreakable sneaker officially exists now? We thought you’d be interested.

The brains behind the new Catiba Pro Skate Sneaker, the sure-to-sell-out indestructible new kick, is none other than Cariuma, the Brazilian brand best known for creating that vegan shoe that’s racked up massive waitlists. Technically a skate sneaker, the Catiba Pro isn’t only meant for skating — but the fact that it was made with a skater’s high-impact, active lifestyle in mind is exactly why it’s such an appealing everyday trainer. 

The Catiba Pro skate shoe, which is just as sustainable as Cariuma’s other kicks and looks very similar to its OG Catiba Low, features a 100 percent slip-resistant sole crafted from raw natural rubber. It’s got all the hallmarks of an exceptionally durable shoe, like a fully stitched sole that won’t break off mid-wear (most soles are typically just glued on) and a triple-stitched cotton-canvas upper that further prolongs its lifespan and durability.

Catiba Pro Skate Shoe
Credit: Cariuma

To buy: $89,

Its outside is built to last, while its inside (also built to last) is designed with maximum comfort in mind. A padded tongue provides ankle support, while a memory foam insole offers arch support and shock protection, which is super-important for even just a quick walk around the block.

Considering Cariuma’s cult following and the fact that this is a brand-new sneaker drop, the Catiba Pro Skate Sneaker is bound to sell out just as quickly as the brand’s other styles. Skater or not, this is one indestructible shoe that you don’t want to miss out on.

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