The plan is to offer eight different Belgian beers in all.

Brussels Airlines Beer
Credit: Courtesy of Brussels Airlines

Belgium is one of the few countries with its own thriving, indigenous beer culture. Belgian beers, as a whole, are unlike those produced anywhere else in the world — which is why we see so many “Belgian-style” beers in America from funky sours to even Blue Moon Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale. (Yes, that is its full name.) So it seems only fitting that Belgium’s largest airline is bringing a full-on Belgian beer experience to some of its long haul flights.

Yesterday, Brussels Airlines announced “a brand new travel experience on board of its long-haul aircraft,” retrofitting its Airbus A330s. The hope is to make these planes akin to “a boutique hotel in the air,” meaning fancy new interiors and seat fabrics, new food, and other new amenities. But it also means beer!

“With its new cabin the airline also brings the Belgian beer and bar culture to the sky, by including a self-service bar in its aircraft and offering a varying choice of 8 famous Belgian beers to all guests,” the airline explains. Though the beers are complimentary even in the economy cabin, it’s (of course) business class that’s really getting the best part. “On top of the fine dining experience, Brussels Airlines brings for the first time ever a Belgian walk-up bar on board, located just behind the Business Class cabin, offering famous Belgian beers as well as a place to network with fellow Business Class travelers,” the announcement adds. Turns out you might want to be prepared to ask “Do you come here often?” in French, German, and Dutch.

Brussels Airlines Adds Self-Serve Belgian Beer Bar
Credit: Courtesy of Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines doesn’t specifically state which Belgian beers will be available, but the eagle-eyed Tim McKirdy over at VinePair noticed that photos used as part of the press release “suggest that three of the beers passengers will be helping themselves to are: Leffe, Hoegaarden’s Forbidden Fruit, and 888 Tripel Eight.” Not familiar with those beers? Don’t worry: The bar is self-serve, remember, so why not grab all of them? Hey, it’s a long-haul flight.

The first of these newly refurbished A330s is set to hit the skies this April. The specific routes it will be operating on did not appear to be announced yet.

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