"He was real comfortable there," said the manager of the lodge where the little bear was found.
Little Black Bear Found Relaxing On Restroom Countertop at Montana Lodge
Credit: Buck's T-4 Lodge & Restaurant

This little black bear needed a bathroom break.

Guests and staff at Buck’s T-4 Lodge in Big Sky, Montana, were surprised to find a yearling bear resting on the countertop of the lodge’s women’s bathroom.

David O’Connor, co-owner and general manager of the lodge told CNN that they had heard a suspicious noise that led them to investigate in the bathroom. There, they found the young bear sprawled across the sink.

“We heard a bit of a racket in the lobby … Sure enough, the bear had found a window with enough of an opening to get into the ladies’ room by the lobby,” O’Connor told the outlet.

“The bear wasn’t able to get himself back out as the window was too high, but he was real comfortable there,” he added. “He just hung out on the counter where it was cool, and literally went to sleep.”

The lodge shared a video of the incident, which shows the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) safely removing the bear from the bathroom. Wildlife officials plan to relocate the bear and release the animal back into the wild, reports CNN.

“Once the bear was tranquilized and asleep, (wildlife officials) checked its vitals, did some basic medical checks to make sure he was healthy, and healthy enough to be transported,” O’Connor told CNN.

He explained that wildlife encounters at the lodge aren’t unusual given its proximity to Yellowstone National Park, though he says that when it comes to bears there is “safety to consider.”

“With the arrival of autumn, bears are increasingly active and searching for food sources … Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is reminding the public to secure food attractants and Be Bear Aware,” the FWP said in a statement.

They added that Montana is “bear country with populations of grizzly and black bears” that become “increasingly active in the fall months seeking food before denning season.”

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