"This is a great example of a wild, un-habituated bear naturally feeding her young," said the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

By Kelli Bender / People.com
June 01, 2020

When you live in the wild, anywhere can be a rest stop.

So when a momma bear walking along a road near Gatlinburg, Tennessee, was feeling the pressure from her three hungry cubs, she decided to have a family lunch right there.

The bear stopped on the side road to allow her trio of impatient cubs a chance to nurse. A Gatlinburg resident was lucky enough to catch the feeding time on camera and shared the video with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

"This is a great example of a wild, un-habituated bear naturally feeding her young away from the heavily populated and more visited areas of Gatlinburg," the agency wrote on their Facebook page, along with a video of the bear and her babies.

According to an expert that spoke with NBC24, this is a popular time of year for bears to be out and about and searching for food, especially momma bears that are looking to feed their growing cubs. For baby bears, late spring/early summer is a great time to explore and get comfortable with their surroundings.

If you spot on a bear while out in the wild, experts strongly suggest avoiding the animal and giving it space. Do not attempt to take photos or videos of a bear unless you are certain you are a safe distance from the animal and the bear does not seem threatened by your presence. Never approach, feed, or touch a wild bear.

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