The new hatchling is from a line of National Aquarium puffins named after Italian food.

By Kelli Bender /
September 25, 2019
Credit: The National Aquarium

First, Olive Garden introduced the Never Ending Pasta Pass, and now the National Aquarium in Baltimore has a parade of pasta puffins.

Credit: Courtesy of The National Aquarium

The aquarium recently welcomed Macaroni the puffin. The baby bird is the 16th puffin chick to successfully hatch at the facility’s Sea Cliffs exhibit since 2006.

The newly hatched Macaroni will remain in their burrow for the next 40 days, accepting food and care from their parents. Once Macaroni fledges — develops their full feathers, including waterproofing — they will be ready to explore their exhibit.

Part of this exploration will include Macaroni meeting siblings Gnocchi and Ravioli from their parents’ previous breeding seasons.

Credit: Courtesy of The National Aquarium

The National Aquarium names their puffins according to lineage, picking themes for each family line to make identifying the birds easier. Macaroni, as the hatchling’s name reveals, is from the pasta-themed family line.

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