Mayor Marty Small issued an executive order last week permitting public consumption of alcohol in a few areas around the city.

By Claudia Harmata /
June 15, 2020

Now you can enjoy a cocktail while walking along the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

In an attempt to boost business and tourism following extensive closures amid the coronavirus pandemic, the New Jersey destination decided to lift some restrictions on public consumption of alcohol.

Last week, Mayor Marty Small issued an executive order permitting drinking in a few areas of the city, including the famous Boardwalk, the non-residential areas of Gardner’s Basin, and some local streets just off the Boardwalk in an area commonly known as the "Orange Loop."

Anyone caught with an open container outside those designated areas will face the normal fines and penalties.

“I could have skipped down the Boardwalk, I was so excited,” resident Kelsey Tierney told the Associated Press after hearing the news.

Eileen Kasunich, left and Kelsey Tierney, right, drink cocktails on the sidewalk outside a beer hall in Atlantic City N.J.
Wayne Parry/AP/Shutterstock

“This is awesome,” Eileen Kasunich, another resident, added. “We’ve been inside so long, stuck indoors for 100 days. We want our city back.”

The move follows a similar measure that the state authorized a few weeks ago, where they allowed towns to temporarily serve alcohol in designated public areas. According to the outlet, several towns have taken part in the initiative.

Bars and restaurants near the Boardwalk are excited for the new opportunity to offer to-go drinks, hoping it will significantly help business bounce back after coronavirus-related closures.

Mike Allen, left, and Ronnie Rinker, right, drink beers on the Atlantic City, N.J., Boardwalk
Wayne Parry/AP/Shutterstock

“Having the ability to sell drinks to go is definitely helpful because: Who’s in the bars now? No one,” Pat Fasano, who owns a restaurant on the Boardwalk, told the AP. “You go from 100 to zero during the pandemic.”

The executive order is expected to expire in November, or whenever coronavirus-related occupancy restrictions are lifted, NBC 10 reported.

While many cities and states across the country reopen amid the pandemic, some have also seen surges in cases due to the lifted restrictions. Napa County in California recorded 31 new cases of the virus in early June that officials said could be linked to socializing over the Memorial Day weekend in late May.

As of June 15, New Jersey has reported 166,881 confirmed cases of the virus and 12,625 deaths. The state has seen a steady decline in the daily average of new cases since late April, according to a New York Times database.

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