Beach Vacation Accessories, AOMAIS Beach Sand Coasters Drink Cup Holders

The $18 Amazon Beach Hack That Keeps Your Drinks, Food, and Phone Safe From the Sand

It’s famous on TikTok.
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No beach day is complete without refreshments, but most beachgoers would probably agree that their go-to beach seating fails to provide sufficient drink storage. Well, beachgoers who haven't discovered the Aomais Beach Cup Holders, anyway. 

Designed with convenience in mind, these oversized cup holders are made from a lightweight and durable plastic material. For just $18, you get a set of five stackable cup holders in a variety of summer-friendly colors. They make sure your drink is always within arm's reach-and more importantly, out of the sand.

These handy gadgets gained notoriety in a now-viral TikTok video outlining beach-day must-haves. "They're really sturdy, so you'll always have a spot for your drink and they come in a bunch of different colors," TikTok user Teresa Caruso said of her pick. Now, they're a favorite of TikTokers and Amazon shoppers alike: The Aomais cup holders are now a best-seller on Amazon and have more than 1,500 five-star ratings.

Beach Vacation Accessories, AOMAIS Beach Sand Coasters Drink Cup Holders

To buy:, $18

"This is such a simple product, but it's so useful," one customer wrote, adding that they can also be used in the grass. "I think everyone dislikes putting their cold water bottle on a towel and having it fall over into the sand… Anything you want to protect from getting sandy, these can hold them." 

Another added that they're great to have on hand for unexpected guests-not to mention valuables. "I prefer to use these cupholders instead of the built-in cup holder on my Tommy Bahama beach chair, just because it makes for easier access," they shared. "I also have the extras in case friends pop by our umbrella and want a drink. I have also used the holder, which is quite large, to stow my cell phone."

According to one reviewer, tipping and spilling are out of the question. "I was pleasantly surprised to find that the cup holders are larger and more stable [than] I expected when put in the sand," the shopper said. "The 'legs' of the cup holder are what really make it stable. It's great to finally be able to not have my cup/bottle tip over or have sand stuck to the outside of my cup/bottle."

The Aomais Beach Cup Holders tuck easily into your favorite beach bag and will help keep your drink, food, phone, and other beach essentials safe. Grab a set on Amazon now so you can have them ready for your next beach day. 

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