With explore.org, animals around the world are just a click away.
four puffins hanging out on a rock.
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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Tigers and bears and owls—oh my! With more than 100 cameras placed at locations around the world, explore.org is able to stream at least 50 video feeds at once, guaranteeing there’s always something interesting to watch. Observe bald eagles in Iowa, puffins in Maine, or gray owls in western Montana. Or if birds aren’t your thing, consider watching walruses sun themselves in Alaska or tigers play at a sanctuary in Florida. It’s the perfect lunchtime distraction.

The organization is 100 percent philanthropic and aims to document wildlife and those who seek to learn more about it. “We are archivists," says Explore.org’s founder Charles Annengberg Weingarten. "We strive to create films that allow the viewer to join us on our journey as we go on location and experience what unfolds. It’s like the viewers are traveling with the team.”

Explore.org has even started a grant program, and they scout out recipients through their missions. The Annenberg Foundation grants have provided over $69 million to over 300 worldwide nonprofit groups including the African Wildlife Foundation and Polar Bears International.

Worried you’ll miss out on something spectacular happening on the live stream? Sign up for text updates to get an alert right when the team spots a rare breed lurking in the jungle. And if you can’t tune in live, you can search through a library of films and photos—as well as the blog—to satisfy your animal-watching desires. Whether you are drawn to exotic animals or just need a puppy fix, Explore.org has got you covered.

This Story Originally Appeared On Real Simple