An empty cart stands in the distribution zone on the opening day of the new Amazon.Com Inc. fulfillment center in Dobroviz, Czech Republic, on Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015. By the year 2018, 2,000 permanent and 3,000 seasonal workers will find a job at the ware
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This story originally appeared on on August 2nd, 2017.

Amazon is today attempting to fill its 50,000 empty vacancies by hiring people on the spot in some of the U.S. cities that host their largest operation hubs.

They announced last weekend that they would host job fairs in places like Baltimore, Maryland and Buffalo, New York for full-time and part-time jobs in their fulfilment centres.

From 8.a.m to noon, Amazon will tour prospective employees around the warehouse facilities, interview them for the roles available, and, if successful, offer them the job on the spot. Twenty percent, around 10,000, of the jobs will be part-time and the rest full-time. The jobs on offer involve picking, packing and shipping of Amazon’s products.

If you are interested you will need to know, as previously reported by TIME:

  • The full-time positions include medical benefits starting and some tuition pre-payment. Part-time positions include medical benefits that begin after 90 days and tuition pre-payment.
  • Candidates must bring identification.
  • They must also wear flat, closed-toe and closed-heel shoes. Long hair must be tied up and beards must be trimmed to three inches (or netted). Extraneous jewelry, drawstrings, or anything that might pose a safety-risk won’t be allowed

The mass-hiring, which Amazon is calling Amazon Jobs Day, seems to be part of the company’s push to hire an extra 100,000 workers by the middle of 2018. Amazon is also hoping to employ software engineers, data scientists, and customer service workers.

For details on individual job fairs, visit this link.

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