"Keeping up with you is a challenge of its own. You are amazing."
TSA agent
Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

This veteran’s age isn’t stopping her from acing a pushup competition!

At 84 years old, veteran Lt. Col. Maggie DeSanti decided to show off her impressive strength by challenging a TSA agent to a push-up competition on Tuesday.

The former U.S. Army nurse, who served during the Vietnam War, was waiting in Phoenix to board a plane out to Washington, D.C. through Honor Flight — a nonprofit organization that flies veterans to the Nation’s Capital to tour the monuments. And DeSanti couldn’t resist demonstrating her workout skills at the airport.

Honor Flight Arizona shared a video of the moment on Twitter on Wednesday.

DeSanti came ready in her Vietnam War uniform and had on a full leg brace — but that didn’t stop her from pumping out 10 push-ups while head-to-head with the TSA agent.

As the TSA agent and DeSanti competed, a crowd gathered around to help them count off each push-up.

After the contest, the duo posed for photos, and the TSA media account for the West Coast applauded DeSanti for showing off her strength.

Recently, another older veteran made headlines for performing a different unexpected stunt — parachuting out of a plane.

In June, a 97-year-old WWII veteran parachuted into Normandy, making the very same jump he experienced 75 years ago during the D-Day invasion.

Tom Rice took the plunge with about 200 other parachutists in honor of the airborne soldiers in the June 6, 1944 allied invasion.

“It went perfect, perfect jump,” Rice said, according to the Associated Press. “I feel great. I’d go up and do it all again.”

The San Diego native parachuted from the same type of C-47 military transport plane used in WWII into the very same landing zone he jumped into on that fateful day 75 years ago, according to ABC affiliate WJXX.

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