Credit: Courtesy of Y-3

Considering a trip to space on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic commercial spaceline? You’re guaranteed go in style, now that Y-3, the innovative fashion company created by Yoji Yamamoto and led by designer Lawrence Midwood, has announced it’s doing all the outfitting.

Prototypes of the pilot suit and flight boot were revealed yesterday—minimal, black, and made with a technical, heat-resistant synthetic material called Nomex Meta Aramid. “Together with Lawrence and the incredibly talented team at Y-3, we will explore the potential to create innovative apparel and accessories—both for our staff and for our pioneering customers—that is appropriately functional and fit-for-purpose, is thoughtfully and elegantly crafted, and is fulfilling and fun to wear and use,” said Virgin Galactic’s head of design Adam Wells.

Aspiring astronauts, take note!