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What to Wear in Tokyo
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Tokyo can be a lot to take in. From the neon-lit streets flooded with people to the architectural whiplash between futuristic skyscrapers and traditional temples to the obscene amounts of sushi and sake that await your taste buds, it can all be a little intimidating. But when done right, it's the kind of place that stays with you long after your visit.

Below, we’ve mapped out some of the best things to do if you've got a few days to spend in the world's largest city — and what to wear for each.

What to Wear for a Shopping Day

What to Wear in Tokyo
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(clockwise from top left)
LHD polo, lhd.us, $350
Dinosaur Designs earrings, net-a-porter.com, $250
Tibi trousers, net-a-porter.com, $395
Carel shoes, carel.fr, $275
Kanel barrette, kanel-denmark.com, $43
Susan Alexandra bag, susanalexandra.com, $265

To start, we suggest heading straight for Tokyo’s colorful Harajuku neighborhood. With trendy street art, fun cafes, vintage boutiques, and all the Tokyo paraphernalia of your dreams, you won’t find a shopping experience quite like this anywhere else in the world. Aside from Harajuku, Tokyo is also known for its concept stores and department stores — all of which have contemporary design elements that'll have you heading home with just as much decor inspiration as new purchases. Some of our favorites to visit are Sister Tokyo, La Kagu, Takashimaya, and Beams.

What to Wear for a Culture Day

What to Wear in Tokyo
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(clockwise from top left)
CVC Stones necklace, net-a-porter.com, $3,360
Vince top, net-a-porter.com, $295
Elizabeth and James jeans, net-a-porter.com, $265
ATP Atelier bag, atpatelier.com, $408
Idée Fixe shoes, ideefixe.ge, $180

The Tsukiji Fish Market should be your inevitable lunch spot during your culture day. Then, for a taste of Tokyo’s ancient history, add either the Imperial Palace or Tokyo's oldest temple, Senso-ji — which dates back to the 7th century — to your itinerary. For the best selection of pre-modern art, head to Nezu Museum. If you prefer contemporary art, the Yayoi Kusama Museum is a must-see. Kusama, one of the most famous living artists in Japan, opened this museum in 2017 to showcase her famous hallucinatory infinity rooms

What to Wear for a Night Out

What to Wear in Tokyo
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(clockwise from top left)
Avenue the Label scrunchie, avenuethelabel.com, $20
Silvia Tcherassi top, silviatcherassi.com, $790
Toteme jeans, net-a-porter.com, $240
Hunting Season bag, net-a-porter.com, $475
By Far boots, byfarshoes.com, $415
Carolina Bucci hoops, net-a-porter.com, $1,390

Seeing Tokyo by night will definitely be a highlight of your trip. Start your evening off right at one of our favorite sushi spots: Shiba Tofaya Ukai, Sushi Masuda, or Mitsugi Sushi. Then for drinks, navigate through Tokyo’s cool array of cocktail bars, including Bar High Five, Zoetrope, Ben Fiddich, and Gen Yamamoto. And for a cultural nightcap, take a ride on the night train for stunning city views.