The chrome suitcases are some of our favorites from the collection.

By Madison Alcedo
September 20, 2019
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Walmart SwissTech Luggage
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

When it comes to finding high-quality luggage, the price isn’t always an indicator of its durability, style, and functionality. You can find a carry-on luggage or travel bag that meets all your criteria, even at budget prices. While there are certainly some occasions when it makes sense to drop several hundred dollars on a suitcase (especially one you can fully customize), sometimes you need to quickly upgrade that smaller carry-on for a business trip or grab a new duffel for a camping trip without the insane cost. And that’s what Walmart’s new SwissTech luggage line is all about — affordable (yet super chic) bags for any type of traveler.

Known as “the traveler’s brand,” SwissTech is completely elevating Walmart’s luggage selection with a collection of 25 different bags. Available in plenty of sizes ranging from 21 inches to 30 inches, there are several suitcases, backpacks, duffels, and under-seat rolling bags.

I’ve seen the collection myself, and you can tell the bags are all really well-made. The wheels have an easy-glide, 360-degree spin and the handles don’t get stuck, plus there’s a TSA-approved lock if you need it. And each one comes with a USB port where you can add in your own portable charging device, a must-have when traveling. What I loved most, however, was the organization dividers on the inside of the suitcases — the pockets and removable pouches will make packing so much easier.

While this is Walmart’s first collaboration with SwissTech, you can expect to see even more luggage styles and colorways available next year. Below, shop our top picks of SwissTech bags. The best part is, you can upgrade your entire travel arsenal for the price of that one luxury suitcase you might be eyeing.

SwissTech Exhibition 22" Hard Side Spinner Luggage

SwissTech Exhibition 22
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

To buy:, $79

SwissTech Navigation 14" Hard Side Under Seater Carry-on

SwissTech Navigation 14
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

To buy:, $64

SwissTech Excursion 18" Travel Backpack with USB Port

SwissTech Excursion 18
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

To buy:, $39

SwissTech Excursion 29" Hardside Rolling Upright

SwissTech Excursion 29
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

To buy:, $84

SwissTech Excursion 28" Travel Duffel

SwissTech Excursion 28
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

To buy:, $34

SwissTech Navigation 25" Hard Side Spinner Luggage

SwissTech Navigation 25
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

To buy:, $79