By Monica Mendal
September 08, 2019
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Duffel Bag Lead
Credit: Courtesy of Paravel

When preparing for travel, the item we typically prioritize is the carry-on suitcase, with good reason. Then, after we’ve invested in the luggage, we move on to the more frivolous paraphernalia like headphones or neck pillows, often overlooking one of the most important travel accessories of all: the carry-on bag.

How many times have you gone through an airport with your carry-on bag toppling to the ground for lack of luggage straps, or not being able to find what you’re looking for in a handbag that is filled to the brim? Traveling with a laptop? Not the time to test your new designer handbag because spoiler alert: it will fail you. The need to invest in a carry-on bag also extends beyond airport travel as the same one can be used as a weekender bag for quick trips by train or bus.

What makes a carry-on bag an especially worthy investment is that using it doesn’t require travel at all. Some are so chic and functional that they do double (or triple!) duty, as you can sport them to the gym or the office. So no matter the style or function you’re looking for, we’ve rounded up the 13 best fall carry-on bags so stylish you’ll use them even when you’re not traveling.

Paravel Weekender

Paravel Weekender
Credit: Courtesy of Paravel

To buy:, $295

Metier London ‘Vagabond’ Natural Linen Duffle

Credit: Courtesy of Metier London

To buy:, $3,150

Montunas Convertible Canvas Backpack with Cognac

Credit: Courtesy of Montunas

To buy:, $603

Cuyana Classic Weekender Bag

Cyuana Classic Weekender Bag
Credit: Courtesy of Cuyana

To buy:, $185

Dagne Dover ‘Ryan’ Laptop Bag

Ryan Laptop Bag
Credit: Courtesy of Dagne Dover

To buy:, $155

Away ‘The Everywhere Bag’

Away Everywhere Bag
Credit: Courtesy of Away

To buy:, $195

Prada Nylon Weekend Bag

PRADA Nylon weekend bag
Credit: Courtesy of

To buy:, $1,141

Herschel ‘Novel’ Duffle

Novel Duffle
Credit: Courtesy of Herschel

To buy:, $85

Gabriel for Sach XL Canvas Blue

XL Canvas Blue
Credit: Courtesy of Gabriel For Sach

To buy:, $284

Tumi ‘Dorsten’ Duffel

Dorsten Duffel
Credit: Courtesy of Tumi

To buy:, $495

Lululemon ‘On My Level’ Duffel

On My Level Duffel 30L
Credit: Courtesy of Lululemon

To buy:, $158

Caraa Studio 2 Large

Credit: Courtesy of Caraa

To buy:, $395

WANT Les Essentials ‘Dayton’ Shopper Tote

WANT Les Essentiels Dayton Shopper Tote
Credit: Courtesy of Shopbop

To buy:, $175