Traveling is tough, especially when you’re a Dungeon Master.

A Twitter user named Kimmy, @arealliveghost, spotted another passenger on their flight cradling an unusual carry-on in their lap. The user snapped a photo of the bizarre item, saying it was a dodechahedron.

Another user, Jack Newhouse, quickly pointed out that the object in the passenger’s hands was actually an icosahedron, based on the number of sides that can be seen in the photo.

The object looks as if it has triangular, flat sides, which would lead someone to deduce that it is, in fact, a 20-sided icosahedron. A dodechadedron only has 12 sides and pentagonal faces.

Either way, the giant object basically looks like a huge Dungeons & Dragons die, which means this passenger probably has some epic quest ahead of them.

Other Twitter users who saw Kimmy’s photo made plenty of jokes about the carry-on, calling it an “alien,” “emotional support solid,” and that it was “the sacred geometry that is his burden for eternity.”

We just want to know how the passenger plans on stowing it under the seat.