It comes with a built-in compression panel and tech compartment. 

By Rebecca Carhart
March 04, 2020
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Nomatic Carry-on Pro Tout
Credit: Courtesy of Nomatic

Nomatic, the Kickstarter-famous brand that produces high-quality functional backpacks and handy travel accessories, has finally launched luggage, and its Carry-on Pro suitcase is being hailed as the perfect option for business travelers. 

Along with an accessible front tech compartment that makes getting through TSA checkpoints a breeze, the innovative suitcase also boasts sturdy locking zippers and silent Hinomoto wheels that customers say roll incredibly well. The carry-on bag’s folding compression panel will help you fit more clothing inside the compact suitcase, while its mesh pockets are great for storing smaller accessories. It also comes with a removable tech case (that conveniently fits within the outer tech compartment) to keep your electronics and tech accessories safe and organized.

While the bag is small enough to fit in most overhead compartments, if you do decide to check it, you don’t have to worry about it getting banged up in the luggage hold. It’s made from a heavy-duty polycarbonate material that is so strong it can withstand repeated beatings from a sledgehammer and survive falling off a building — seriously, check out this video to see just how durable it is. 

Most customers say the bag is the ideal size for three- to four-day trips, but others say it can hold enough clothing for longer excursions if you pack smartly. “The description says it’s made for only up to a few days of travel, but I’ve gotten up to 10 days worth of clothes packed in it, along with some other items,” wrote one shopper. “The handle is super smooth and solid, and the Hinomoto wheels are very quiet and also smooth.”

“I was initially skeptical of the size but this little bag has made my travel life so much easier,” wrote another. “With efficient packing and planning, I was able to fit exactly what I needed. The tech folio is the perfect size for exactly the things you need. I am able to fit my Macbook, iPad Pro, hard drive, mouse, chargers, etc. without making it too bulky to slide easily in and out of the tech compartment. Careful placement of the Macbook and iPad made for the SMOOTHEST TSA checkpoints I’ve experienced in our 5+ years of constant travel. Awesome and worth the money if you’re an efficient packer with a tech need on the road!”

At $550 a piece, the carry-on bag is pricier than other options on the market, but the fact that the functional suitcase is virtually indestructible and should last you the rest of your life makes it one smart investment.  

Nomatic Carry-on Pro
Credit: Courtesy of Nomatic

To buy:, $550