By Alison Fox
June 12, 2019
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Credit: Courtesy of Away

Travelers and travel editors love Away suitcases for their functionality and design — and while the bright colors (we're looking at you, millennial pink) are a draw for some, others prefer the luggage brand's sleek, subdued styles. Now, you can get a little bit of both.

Away has teamed up with Alex Eagle, the London-based creative director and world traveler, to create a line of fun luggage with colorful, contrasting zippers all based on Eagle’s own memories of her travels.

Credit: Courtesy of Away

Eagle said in a statement she drew inspiration from her experiences, like “diving off a boat off the coast of Positano and long lunches with friends and family at da Adolfo; crayfishing at my cottage in the Cotswolds and long country walks over Oxfordshire green hills; sitting and chatting with family and friends over drinks in the warm glow of the early evening light in Deia and dancing all night at Café Sa Fonda.”

The Away x Alex Eagle collection, which launched on June 12, comes in classic navy polycarbonate with four contrasting zippers all based on Eagle’s favorite memories of summer vacation: soft blue like a clear sky, coral pink like terracotta rooftops, golden yellow like the afternoon sunlight, and warm green like olive trees.

Credit: Courtesy of Away
Credit: Courtesy of Away

To buy:, from $225

The collection comes in four sizes (The Carry-On, The Bigger Carry-On, The Medium, and The Large) starting at $225. The collection also includes matching Insider Packing Cubes for $45 for a set of four (each one a different color from the collection).

Credit: Courtesy of Away

To buy:, $45 for set of four

This isn’t the first collaboration with Eagle. In fact, Jen Rubio, the co-founder of Away, said the company was “thrilled to continue to evolve” with Eagle since the first collection was so popular.

“Alex has an incredible eye for design and as an avid traveler, she draws inspiration for her work from the places, people and objects she discovers along the way. Her insatiable curiosity and her appreciation for the transformative power of travel make her a natural partner for Away,” Rubio said in a statement. “As a brand, we believe in the spirit of openness and discovery that Alex continuously demonstrates in her approach to travel and curation. We both know the best part of any journey is discovering something new, and finding a way to share it with the people around you.”

Wondering what Eagle packs when it’s time to fill up a suitcase? The creative director goes for staples like oversized white shirts (specifically vintage Issey or a Yamamoto men’s one), her own Alex Eagle linen tops for versatility, and coral-colored lipsticks (she likes Nars and YSL) “that are great with a tan and for masking a hangover.”

Pick up the fun new suitcases starting at $225 in Away stores and online at