Seriously, it's massive.

When it comes to packing, I am a hard and fast carry-on only kind of gal. The fewer things I need to schlep through the airport, the better. However, as we return to travel and continue toward a digital nomad lifestyle, people may be heading off on longer journeys that require more than a few T-shirts and shorts. For that long-haul trip, Burton's Wheelie Sub Travel Bag is the ultimate option.

The Burton Wheelie Sub 116L Travel Bag
Credit: Courtesy of Burton

"Like a walk-in closet with wheels, the Burton Wheelie Sub roller bag is perfect for month-long journeys (or just really heavy packers)," the company explains on its website. The bag clocks in at 116 liters, or 31 inches x 18 inches x 15 inches.

Burton sent me its Wheelie Sub to test on a weeklong cross-country road trip, followed by a three-week stay in my home state of Rhode Island. Knowing I'd be on the road for more than a month, going through multiple climates and having several weddings and events to attend along the way, I needed a bag that could hold everything. Not only did this suitcase fit my things, it still had so much room to spare that I kept thinking I was forgetting items.

The luggage comes with a compartmentalized "Double Down upper deck," which can fully separate from the bottom half and be turned into its own bag for shorter adventures, making it a great two-for-one option. The fact that it can separate into two halves also means it's far easier to store under a bed or on a shelf.

A man with the Burton Wheelie Sub 116L Travel Bag
Credit: Courtesy of Burton

Inside, it comes with several compartments to store different clothing items, including a spot for dirty shoes or laundry so you always know what's fresh.

Though massive, the bag is still rather easy to pull around, thanks to its Ixion skate wheels, which are made to go over a variety of terrain. And just in case the bag wasn't already big enough, it also comes with a SnakeStack strap so you can tag on another bag if you need.

Interior sketch of the Burton Wheelie Sub 116L Travel Bag
Credit: Courtesy of Burton

Sure, I'm not going to give up on my carry-on lifestyle, but when the trip calls for packing more items, this will absolutely become my new go-to, just as it did for all the other five-star reviewers on Burton.

"As a tour manager, I've filled 2 passports over the last 2 years, and this bag has been with me the entire time," one customer wrote. "The compartment division is well thought out, the detachable clamshell is great for tight spaces in hotel rooms, and the handles are perfect for getting it into transport. When I die, bury me in one please!"

"I travel the world 160 dates a year to DJ, so I'm pretty rough on bags," another customer added. "Hands down, this is the best bag on the planet. The whole crew has them!!!"

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