By Andrea Romano
June 22, 2017
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Credit: Courtesy of Away

It’s summer, and that means the Minions are back.

Depending on if you’re a “Despicable Me” fan, your reaction to this news can run the gamut from deep groans to excited squeals. But those squishy, yellow creatures are going everywhere again, and at least there’s one way to enjoy having them around.

Luggage company Away, in collaboration with “Despicable Me,” has designed a limited edition line of their classic suitcases that are not only easy to spot, but also perfect for any Minion fan.

Credit: Courtesy of Away

But frankly, these suitcases are so chic and minimal, even Minion-haters will love them.

For a limited time, all Away gear will be available in bright, Minion yellow. Customers can choose from a wide array of sizes like the Carry-on, the Bigger Carry-on, The Medium, and The Large to fit their needs.

Credit: Courtesy of Away

Away is also offering a $25 luggage tag shaped like a Minion eye goggle, so you can sport your fandom for the banana-like lackeys while still being the cool, sophisticated traveler you are. Minion stickers are also available for $25 for travelers to customize their luggage and add a bit of whimsy to the baggage claim area.

The collaboration officially went live in stores and online on June 20.

Now, if only these suitcases could run around and do our evil bidding for us too.