Traveling with a baby means traveling with a very long checklist of extra stuff, including anything from diapers and bottles to a portable crib and compact stroller.

But a company called Canailles Dream has developed an innovative product that makes packing (and getting from A to B) much easier for parents. La Multi is a 6-in-1 suitcase that can carry the bulk of baby must-haves in a neat, foldable, and collapsible package.

On the outside, La Multi looks like a normal, hard-bodied suitcase that is 35 in. x 18 in. x 20 in. While it’s too big for a carry on, it’s the perfect size and shape to check on a flight. The outer shell comes in three colors: coral red, turquoise, and anthracite gray.

Among its many functions, the suitcase can collapse, fold, and transform into several types of equipment that parents need while on the road, including a changing table, baby seat rocker, a washtub, a raised rocker, and a bassinet.

The price tag for this useful parenting product is €599 (about $733 USD). For more information, parents can visit the Canailles Dream website.