By Cailey Rizzo
May 16, 2018
Courtesy of Marc Sadler

Now you can travel with everything but the kitchen sink. An Italian luggage company has created suitcases that fold out into fully functional kitchens, desks and beds.

The bags are the brainchild of Milan-based designer Marc Sadler for Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano. With the suitcases, home can be anywhere, and each room is an aluminum-covered piece of luggage.

The most surprising piece is the “cookstation.” Miraculously, the fold-out kitchen contains all the basic cooking essentials, including a hot plate and refrigerator to prepare and preserve meals. It is lined with drawers and shelves for storing ingredients, housing cookware and meal prep. The kitchen luggage is not yet available for purchase but it is expected to sell for $7,680 (€6,500).

Courtesy of Marc Sadler

Sadler’s other “rooms” are currently available for purchase. Digital nomads who work on the go can set up their office anywhere with the “workstation.”

The suitcase opens to reveal an office chair, a work surface and storage drawers. The suitcase also includes sockets for charging devices. It is available for $5,770 (€4,900).

Courtesy of Marc Sadler

And when the nomadic working day is done, those with Sadler’s luggage can retire to their “bedstation.” This bag features a wooden mattress frame that folds out to a become a bed with a soft mattress-like topper. It sells for $8,130 (€6,900).

Courtesy of Marc Sadler

Sadler’s collection also features seven more traditional suitcases with no surprise functionalities. Although, maybe they could be considered mobile storage basements?