By Melissa Locker
June 14, 2016

While on a trip, a good suitcase puts you in the traveling spirit, offering lifeline to clean clothes and device chargers. Back at home, suitcases have this magical way of transforming into bulky boxes that do little else but eat up precious floor space.

A new suitcase design may change that, though. The Néit is a hard suitcase that collapses  flat, which means all your luggage can fit under your bed or hang in your closet. And thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Néit is now available for purchase.

The Néit also features 360-degree wheels for easy transporting and is made from a polycarbonate and aircraft-grade aluminum combination, which makes it lightweight, water resistant, and incredibly durable. What that means: your belongings will be protected even if left on the runway in a rainstorm. If that does happen, don’t worry, the suitcase is GPS enabled so when the airline loses your luggage, you can tell them exactly where to find it via the company’s app.

Watch the video to see it in action: