This Carry-on Bag Has a Built-in Closet So You Never Need to Unpack

Carry-on bags at airport gate with people sitting
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Any frequent traveler would agree: Checking luggage is the worst. You'd probably rather stuff every last bit of clothing into a small carry-on bag even if it means arriving at your destinations with wrinkled, crumpled, and worn-out outfits. But there is a better way, as proven by this futuristic carry-on that doubles as a portable wardrobe.

The suitcase, aptly dubbed the Carry-On Closet, was created by New York-based Solgaard Design and may solve all of your wrinkled travel woes. What's unique about the very standard-looking hardshell suitcase? It opens up to reveal a patented shelving unit that can either be removed completely, if for some insane reason you want to use the suitcase without them, or hung from the extended handle on the suitcase itself. Each shelf is a different size for shoes, sweaters, toiletries, and anything else.

In addition to the shelving, the suitcase also comes with its own USB port to help users charge on the go. It locks with a TSA-approved, three-digit lock and comes with a 10-year warranty in case you somehow disprove the company's claims that it's "indestructible."

The standard suitcase measures in at 20 inches by 13.5 inches by 9 inches, making it compliant with most domestic and international airlines' carry-on requirements. A larger version, dubbed the Carry-On Closet Plus, measures 22.4 inches by 14.6 inches by 9.6 inches. This larger case can carry up to nine outfits; however, it may be too large to put in the overhead bins.

Both models also come with 360-degree rolling wheels, making it super easy to get through the airport and onto your plane. The standard size costs $275 and the larger $295. Both are sold online at

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