Behold, a handbag you can actually locate your belongings in.

By Monica Mendal
Updated: August 04, 2017
Courtesy of Bill Blass

Oh no, I forgot my passport. Where is my boarding pass? Crap, someone stole my phone! Oh, wait… here they are.

This is my internal dialogue every time I reach into my bag at the airport. The sheer panic is fueled by having to rummage through the clutter I’ve collected from previous trips and the completely unnecessary things I packed for this trip because who's to say I won't need six different serums to apply in-flight? Or a stack of playing cards from London's Nightjar with a different cocktail pictured on each card?

This habit, traveling with overflowing handbags, is all too common (especially for those who use the same bag for weeks at a time). And it creates a level of anxiety that no one needs during the second lap through airport security. But frankly, we'll never change, and the main compartment of our handbags will perpetually remain a black hole of old tricks and gum wrappers.

Enter Creative Director Chris Benz of Bill Blass, who designed the filing cabinet travel tote of our dreams. Benz and his savior team sought to create the ultimate travel bag and this one certainly wins in both functionality and style.

Courtesy of Bill Blass

The sporty Mica North/South tote bag (, $394, originally $788) is designed to hold your weekend essentials — and ok, fine, nonessentials — in the main compartment while keeping all of your smaller sundries easily accessible in the nine (yes, nine) external pockets. My trick: assign each pocket to one of the things you're constantly digging for — keys, wallet, boarding pass, phone, chargers, et cetera.

This way, you can reserve the main compartment for the stuff you’ll probably never go looking for. Like the bag of blue Terra chips you still haven't thrown out from your JetBlue flight two months ago or the 89 cents worth of Turkish lira you have left over from your trip to Istanbul last year. Because with a dynamic bag like this, who needs the main compartment anyway?