The well-worn bag of a world wanderer.

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Nordstrom Frye Logan Leather Mens Briefcase Work Bag
Credit: Courtesy of Nordstrom

According to the financiers of New York City, there are certain things that make a man stand out (in a not-so-professional way) as a new guy in the corporate world. Sometimes it’s a childish haircut, and usually it’s the square-toe shoes he’ll eventually replace with the proper rounded-toe loafers.

But there’s also another sure sign he isn’t making the proper statement in the office or on the road representing his new team (and a sure sign he’ll be mistaken for an intern): his work bag.

It’s time to leave college and leave that backpack at home and spring for something a little more sophisticated: a leather briefcase. This is where the Frye “Logan” leather briefcase (, $578) comes into play. Not just the brand of incredible quality leather boots, Frye also makes one of the best leather briefcases for men.

Priced at $578, it’s the Toyota 4Runner of briefcases. It’s not the most expensive or the cheapest in the lot, but it’s a stylish choice you can depend on day after day. It’s 15 inches wide and has a padded compartment to easily tote your laptop around safely. With a depth of 3¾ inches, there will still be room to transport the rest of your important papers, chargers, and other working-out-of-the-office necessities.

There’s also a ring clip for your keys to keep them from plummeting to the depths of the bag, six built-in slots for storing business cards or any other passes you'll need to have handy, and an external back zip pocket for easy access on the go.

business travel briefcase
Credit: Courtesy of The Frye Company

The vintage look of this leather briefcase also gives it a worn-in vibe. Leather won’t look out of place with a suit in the boardroom or slung over your shoulder with the adjustable strap as you make your way to happy hour. It comes in three colors: slate, cognac, and dark brown (pictured above) and is also available at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Amazon.