The Best Luggage Brands for Every Budget and Style

World travelers love Away’s elegant aesthetic, lifetime warranty, and ever-growing range of options.

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When it comes to trip planning, picking out your luggage isn't as exciting as choosing a destination or creating an itinerary, but dependable suitcases are a necessary investment for any traveler. The right bags can mean the difference between years of smooth journeys and having travel nightmare after travel nightmare. Start your search with the luggage brands we trust the most and you'll have the best possible chance of being completely satisfied with your choices.

There are multiple factors to consider when shopping around for suitcases, from the technical details (like the number of wheels, type of casing, and size) to the aesthetic style. But with so many options on the market, deciding between the best luggage brands can be overwhelming. Our go-to recommendation for a dependable luggage brand is Away, but there are plenty of other companies that offer top-notch products at a range of price points.

Here's our breakdown of the best luggage brands:

T+L's Top Picks

Best Overall: Away

Away luggage brand blue-gray hardside suitcase
Courtesy of Away

Why We Love It: Away's luggage looks elegant in various styles, is highly durable, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

What to Consider: It only has hard-sided suitcases.

Founded in 2015, Away quickly became a traveler-favorite direct-to-consumer luggage brand lauded for its minimalist style, fun colors, incorporated power bank (which today comes at an extra cost), and matte polycarbonate shells. We think Away is still one of the best everyday luggage brands out there — not only does it come in at a mid-point price range, but it also has an impressive 100-day, no-questions-asked return policy (not to mention a lifetime warranty). We also love that the bags nest so you can store your carry-on inside your checked bag to save room at home when you're not traveling. If you're going to buy just one Away bag, we recommend the Bigger Carry-on Flex ($345), which fits in the overhead bin on most domestic flights in its normal configuration but also expands for extra space. Just keep in mind that you might have to check the bag if you expand it, though that will depend on the aircraft you're flying.

Return policy: 100 days | Warranty: Lifetime | Siding: Hard

Most Affordable: AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics affordable luggage brand hardside black suitcase
Courtesy of Amazon

Why We Love It: The brand has every type of suitcase you could want, from carry-ons to checked bags to backpacks.

What to Consider: The warranty is not included in the price of the bags.

Suitcases can get expensive fast, particularly when you get certain brand names involved. But if you're just looking for practical bags that won't break the bank, AmazonBasics has you covered. There are both hardsided and softsided models as well as backpacks, duffels, and even packing cubes. And despite coming in at a lower price point than many others, these suitcases are still pretty high-quality, though they may not be quite as durable as some of the more expensive models. We recommend the two-piece Hardside Spinner Suitcase Set ($165), which includes 20-inch and 28-inch bags. The value for both a carry-on and checked bag can't be beat.

Return policy: 30 days | Warranty: 3 or 4 years, for a fee | Siding: Hard and soft

Best Splurge: Bric's

Bric's luxury luggage brand tan hardside suitcase
Courtesy of Bric's

Why We Love It: It has both contemporary and traditional styles.

What to Consider: There's only a five-year warranty.

Bric's sells the best of both worlds — highly stylized, very contemporary polycarbonate spinner bags and old-school, trunk-inspired bags that have all the modern elements, from spinner wheels to retractable handles. Personally, we're partial to the latter look. That's why we recommend the Bellagio V2.0 21-inch Carry-on Spinner Trunk ($665), which has a traditional trunk aesthetic with all the convenience of a lightweight spinner bag. It's a small detail, but we love that the wheels match the bag's brown detailing. There's just one thing to keep in mind if you're ready to splurge on a Bric's suitcase: the warranty is only five years, which is pretty paltry compared to the many brands who have lifetime warranties.

Return policy: 30 days | Warranty: 5 years | Siding: Hard and soft

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Best Designer: Tumi

Tumi designer luggage brand rose gold hardside suitcase
Courtesy of Tumi

Why We Love It: Tumi has an incredibly vast range of suitcase styles to suit any preference.

What to Consider: There's only a five-year warranty.

Luxury brand Tumi might've started with leather bags back in 1975, but it's now known for its diagonal-grooved, hardsided suitcases and its nylon softsided offerings. But it's far more than just a name that makes these bags luxury. Tumi is known for its "Tumi Innovations," which include the Tumi Tracer program for lost or stolen bags, the patented Omega Closure System to protect zippers, and the patented X-Brace 45 Handle System, which produces highly durable handles. We recommend the Alpha International Dual Access 4 Wheeled Carry-on ($995), which has two convenient access methods via a front-lid zipper and a split-case zipper (and comes with a free monogram!).

Return policy: 30 days | Warranty: 5 years | Siding: Hard and soft

Best Style: Delsey

Delsey stylish luggage brand white tan vintage-inspired hardside suitcase
Courtesy of Delsey

Why We Love It: The 10-year warranty is impressive.

What to Consider: Some of the bags are a little heavier than other lightweight competitors.

Leave it to a Parisian company to design beautiful luggage. Delsey was founded in 1946, but it originally made leather camera bags. Now, it makes all sorts of hardsided and softsided suitcases, plus backpacks and duffles, in a variety of fashion-forward looks. That said, there's not much continuity in style between the models these days, but we do appreciate the range for all types of travelers who have different tastes. We recommend the Delsey Cactus 20-inch Spinner Carry-on ($300) in the white/blue gradient for anyone looking to make a design statement with their suitcase.

Return policy: 30 days | Warranty: 10 years | Siding: Hard and soft

Best Minimalist: Monos

Monos minimalist luggage brand hunter green hardside suitcase
Courtesy of Monos

Why We Love It: It has fun limited-edition colors and prints.

What to Consider: There are no built-in chargers.

Founded in 2018, Monos almost feels like a little sister to Away, as the two brands have very similar products with very similar policies (colorful hardsided bags, a 100-day trial period, and a lifetime warranty). But Monos suitcases come with not only a laundry bag, but also two shoe bags to help keep your dirty belongings separate in the suitcase. It doesn't, however, have a power bank built into its carry-on suitcases, but that may not be a bad thing: the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) makes you remove power banks from suitcases anyway if they're going into an overhead bin or cargo hold. If you're willing to get a little crazy with your pattern, we recommend its Carry-on ($283) in the Terrazzo print.

Return policy: 100 days | Warranty: Lifetime | Siding: Hard

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Best Variety: Samsonite

Samsonite luggage brand silver hardside suitcase
Courtesy of Samsonite

Why We Love It: Samsonite offers quite a few underseat rolling suitcases.

What to Consider: There's a range of price points, including some fairly high ones.

Samsonite has been in the luggage game for more than a century, and it certainly has the products to prove it. Though most Samsonite bags take on a more modern look rather than a vintage-inspired one, they're efficiently designed and quite durable for travel — you can tell the brand knows what it's doing. Though Samsonite is typically regarded as a more affordable luggage brand, some of its products can get pricey. For a reasonable price, we recommend the Spinner Underseater with USB Port ($145) for its compact size that, yes, fits under the seat in front of you. No more fighting for overhead bin space!

Return policy: | Warranty: 3 to 10 years | Siding: Hard and soft

Best Hardside Bags: Rimowa

Rimowa hardside luggage brand red rolling suitcase
Courtesy of Rimowa

Why We Love It: The distinct grooved pattern on the shell makes Rimowa suitcases instantly identifiable.

What to Consider: Its prices are high.

You might think of the aluminum suitcase as a relatively contemporary invention, but it was actually developed by Rimowa in 1937 to allow airplane passengers to match their luggage to the metal body of the aircraft. Since then, the luxury luggage brand has been synonymous with grooved hardsided suitcases, which now come in both lightweight aluminum and polycarbonate. In fact, Rimowa was also the first company to develop a polycarbonate suitcase in 2000. We recommend the Original Cabin ($1,200) for its timeless elegance — if you can stomach the price tag. Unlike the very first model in 1937, it does come with wheels for transporting ease.

Return policy: 30 days | Warranty: 5 years | Siding: Hard

Best Duffels: Eagle Creek

Travelpro professional travelers luggage brand gray hardside suitcase
Courtesy of Travelpro

Why We Love It: The lifetime warranty is excellent, as is the option for traditional, backpack-style, and wheeled duffels.

What to Consider: Its color options are a little limited.

If you're headed on an outdoor adventure to a remote setting — say, on safari — you might need to pack a duffel instead of a suitcase. (If you're flying on little puddle-jumper planes, extra soft-sided bags are easier to squish into the cargo hold.) Or if you're generally visiting somewhere without paved roads, a duffel is the way to go to transport your goods. Eagle Creek is known for its durable, water-resistant duffels that can handle pretty tough conditions. We recommend the Cargo Hauler 40L Duffel Bag ($99). It has great compartmentalization and can be converted into a backpack.

Return policy: 30 days | Warranty: Lifetime | Siding: Soft

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Best for Professional Travelers: Travelpro

Travelpro professional travelers luggage brand gray hardside suitcase
Courtesy of Travelpro

Why We Love It: There's a 100-day trial period, so you can ensure this brand is right for you.

What to Consider: Its style might be considered a little plain.

Beloved by flight crews around the world, Travelpro is, well, designed by travel pros, for travel pros. The company was the first to develop wheeled luggage pulled by a handle thanks to former Travelpro CEO Robert Plath. Plath was a Northwest Airlines pilot who felt the need to make transporting luggage easier, so he designed The Original Rollaboard and revolutionized the industry. Today, the company has expanded its portfolio greatly to include both hardsided and softsided bags in all sizes. We recommend the Maxlite® 5 21-inch Expandable Carry-on Spinner ($160), which is extraordinarily light at 5.4 pounds.

Return policy: 100 days | Warranty: Lifetime | Siding: Hard and soft

Best Old-school: Globe-Trotter

Globe-Trotter old-school vintage luggage brand orange brown hardside suitcase
Courtesy of Globe-Trotter

Why We Love It: Globe-Trotter makes a beautifully handcrafted product.

What to Consider: Its prices are hefty.

If you love the look of antique travel trunks, Globe-Trotter should be your go-to brand. The company was founded in Germany in 1897 before relocating to the United Kingdom — its bags are still made there by hand today. Its artisanal quality is unmatched in the luggage world, but that is reflected in the price of these suitcases. We recommend the Safari Carry-on ($2,195) because its exceptional design showcases Globe-Trotter's signature leather straps and corners. Of course, these bags have been modernized to an extent, and they now feature two or four wheels and extendable handles for convenience.

Return policy: 28 days | Warranty: 5 years | Siding: Hard leather

Best Warranty: Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley luggage brand navy blue soft suitcase
Courtesy of Briggs & Riley

Why We Love It: Its compression systems allow you to pack more into a smaller space.

What to Consider: There are limited colors, and the bags are not always lightweight.

Briggs & Riley bags may be on the slightly pricier side of the spectrum, but there's good reason for those numbers: the company offers what might be the best lifetime warranty in the industry. Its " unconditional lifetime guarantee" means that Briggs & Riley will repair or replace your bag forever. The suitcases come in both hardsided and softsided models, from underseat rollers to garment duffels. While there are quite a few styles from which to choose, the colors are typically limited to black, navy, green, or violet. We recommend the Rolling Carry-on Upright Duffel ($429), which our writer deemed "the best soft-sided suitcase I've ever used."

Return policy: 30 days | Warranty: Lifetime | Siding: Hard and soft

Best for Kids: American Tourister

American Tourister luggage brand blue purple galaxy pattern hardside suitcase
Courtesy of American Tourister

Why We Love It: It has a fun Disney partnership that kids will love.

What to Consider: Most of the kids' suitcases are hardsided.

We like to think that suitcases can show off a bit of a traveler's personality, and if you're a kid or a kid at heart, American Tourister might have the right bag for you. The affordable luggage company has a partnership with Disney, so it has all sorts of characters on its bags, from Mickey Mouse to Elsa and Anna from Frozen. While it has full-sized bags for adults, American Tourister also offers child-size suitcases at 18 inches tall. We recommend the Star Wars Kids 18-inch Upright ($90) because who doesn't love Baby Yoda?

Return policy: 30 days | Warranty: 10 years | Siding: Hard and soft

Best Sustainable: Paravel

Paravel sustainable luggage brand ivory black hardside suitcase
Courtesy of Paravel

Why We Love It: It's not only the materials that are eco-friendly — Paravel buys carbon offsets for each bag purchased to cover your first trip with the suitcase.

What to Consider: They're a little heavier than comparable hardsided bags.

If sustainable travel is a major factor in the way you shop, Paravel has you covered. For starters, its very chic hardsided bags are made entirely from upcycled, recycled, or sustainable materials. But the company's environmental initiatives go far beyond that. "We offset all of the CO2 emissions generated from sourcing, manufacturing, freight, delivery, and our customers' average first trip with our luggage," writes Paravel on its website. We recommend the Aviator Carry-on ($350), which is the world's first carbon-neutral suitcase. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, Paravel is dedicated to ensuring ethical labor practices throughout its manufacturing process.

Return policy: 30 days | Warranty: 5 years | Siding: Hard

Best Sets: Béis

Béis luggage brand sets black hardside suitcase
Courtesy of Béis

Why We Love It: You can build your own bundle, maximizing savings while choosing different colors.

What to Consider: The bags are not as lightweight as their competitors.

Béis follows the modular style with its sleek hard-shell suitcases, which come in multiple sizes that can be nested inside one another for easy storage. As such, it makes perfect sense to buy a set. We love that Béis allows you to mix and match colors when designing your two- or three-item set. However, if you're going to buy just one bag, we recommend the Carry-on Roller ($198), which is a hardsided bag that's carry-on approved but also expandable. And a second pick if we may: the Softsided Collapsible Carry-on Roller ($198), which, as its name suggests, can collapse into a compact package for storage.

Return policy: 90 days | Warranty: Lifetime | Siding: Hard and soft

Tips for Buying Luggage

Decide whether a hardsided or softsided bag is for you

Suitcases come with either hard or soft sides, and there are pros and cons to each. Softsided bags have more give, so they're better for squeezing in extra items. Hardsided bags are a fixed size, however, they are better at protecting fragile items and also offer better protection against bed bugs.

Think about whether you want a two-wheel or four-wheel bag

Rolling suitcases either have two wheels or four wheels, and they're rolled in different manners. Two-wheel bags need to be pulled at an angle, whereas four-wheel bags can be rolled while vertical. The downside to four-wheel bags is that most don't lock into place when they're upright, so if you're on a moving vehicle or a slope, your bag may roll away.

Check the sizing

Many bags claim to be carry-on size, but they don't always meet every airline's guidelines. Check the measurements of the bag against the measurements of most major airlines to make sure that they're in sync, otherwise, you may run into trouble trying to bring your suitcase on board your flight.

Look into the warranty

Some luggage brands offer lifetime warranties, which is a great return on your investment — if your luggage breaks due to normal wear and tear, they might replace it, which essentially means you might be set for luggage for life. Just be sure to read the fine print to make sure you know what the warranty covers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy a luggage set or individual pieces?

Choosing to buy a luggage set or individual pieces is a matter of personal preference. If you plan on buying multiple suitcases in different sizes and you want them all to match, buying a set is usually a money-saver. But if you would get more mileage out of a single suitcase, or if you plan on buying different-sized suitcases from different brands, there's no harm in buying individual pieces.

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

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