The 10 Best Purse Organizers of 2023

We love the Vercord Purse Organizer for its many pockets and color options.

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The 10 Best Purse Organizers of 2022

Cuyana / Fjallraven

All purse wearers know the struggle of the “fumble” —  standing at the front door looking for keys, trying to find a wallet in the checkout line, or walking outside on a bright day with sunglasses buried just out of reach. That’s where purse organizers come in – they'll help you stay organized and give each item in your bag a designated home. 

Handbag organizers come in all shapes and sizes, with various pockets, pouches and finishes, and not all are created equal. The right one should fit snugly inside your favorite purse and divide your items so they remain clean and easy to locate. Our top choice is the Vercord Purse Organizer which is both trendy and functional.

 Here’s our breakdown of the best purse organizers on the market:

Best Overall

Vercord Purse Organizer Insert Bag Tote

Vercord Purse Organizer


Why We Love It
  • This affordable, structured organizer comes in multiple sizes and colors, and has 11 pockets.

What to Consider
  • All the pockets are around the same size with no designated sections for a water bottle or pens.

The Vercord Purse Organizer is an affordable go-to option for keeping your essential items in order. We love that it has good structure, but is crafted from a soft, canvas-like material that will mold easily to the inside of your bag. The main section zippers shut for added security, and water-resistant fabric can help protect your possessions. 

This insert comes in a variety of colors and patterns, from off-white to leopard print, so you can pick one to suit your style. It also comes in three available sizes to fit a wide range of handbags. 

 Price at time of publish: $20

 The Details: Oxford | 10.3 x 7.5 x 5.2 inches (medium) | 11 pockets

Best for Small Bags

Dagne Dover Skye Essentials Pouch

Skye Essentials Pouch

Dagne Dover

Why We Love It
  • Perfect for crossbody bags, this small essentials pouch has everything from an interior key clip to an elastic loop for chapstick. 

What to Consider
  • Neoprene is not machine washable, so if your pouch gets dirty it must be hand washed.

Even the smallest purses can get messy quickly. This essentials pouch by Dagne Dover keeps the inside of your crossbody tidy. It's perfect for traveling or everyday use, and it even looks good alone if you plan on ditching the larger bag. This purse organizer insert is small but mighty, with numerous organizational features that include an interior mesh phone pocket, credit card slots, and more.

 Price at time of publish: $35

 The Details: Neoprene or organic cotton | 6.25 x .5  x 7.5 inches | 2 pockets

Best with Lights

PurseN Oprah’s Favorite LittBag

Oprah’s Favorite LittBag


Why We Love It
  • This structured insert has built-in spotlights so you can easily find your go-to items, even in the dark. 

What to Consider
  • With only one available size (small-to-medium), this insert might not work for larger bags. 

Cut down the time you spend digging through your purse, thanks to this organizer’s battery-operated spotlights that illuminate the inside of your bag. We love that the LED lights include a 60-second shutoff timer, so you won’t have to worry about draining the batteries, either. 

Expandable sides allow the organizer to easily adapt to how much you’re bringing, and there are 12 pockets and compartments to keep your belongings conveniently situated and easily accessible.

 Price at time of publish: $42

 The Details: Vegan leather and nylon | 9 x 3 x 6 inches | 12 pockets

Best Structured

Leatherology Bag Insert

Leatherology Bag Insert


Why We Love It
  • The pockets of this rigid insert have an insulated puffiness to them — great for keeping your valuables out of harm’s way.

What to Consider
  • Its larger width means it might not fit into every bag, so make sure to measure yours first. 

We love how secure this insert by Leatherology keeps our items, thanks to its insulated nylon pockets. Two small handles on either side of the insert make it quick to transfer from bag to bag, and the wipeable nylon material is easy to clean. 

There are two outer mesh pockets on either side for larger items you want to keep more accessible, like your phone or wallet. Note that this insert only comes in one size, so it’s best used as a supplement in larger purses. 

Price at time of publish: $35

 The Details: Water resistant nylon | 7.9 x 11.8 x 5.9 inches | 7 pockets

Best Soft

iN Purse Organizer Insert

In Purse Organizer Insert


Why We Love It
  • This zip-up organizer has top handles and a malleable design which make it easy to transfer into any bag. 

What to Consider
  • If your bag is especially wide, you might find this insert a bit on the narrow side.

Soft organizers are perfect for uniquely shaped bags and those with measurements that won’t accommodate most rigid inserts. This purse organizer in particular boasts a high storage capacity with a whopping eleven pockets for all your needs. As a bonus, it’s made from waterproof material, so it'll protect your items from spills and leaks, too.

Price at time of publish: $22

 The Details: Nylon | 13 × 4.7 × 7.5 inches | 11 pockets

Best for Totes

Cuyana Tote Organization Insert

Cuyana Tote Organization Insert


Why We Love It
  • This minimalist insert still has room for a laptop pouch (for computers of up to 15 inches) and a spot for your water bottle, too. 

What to Consider
  • It has one of the lowest pocket counts on this list and no zippered pouches.

Shallow, no-zip tote bags can look a little funny with a brightly colored organizer peeking out from inside. But that's not an issue with this minimalist option from Cuyana, which comes in black or blush. While it doesn’t have a high pocket count, it still keeps your most crucial items (like a laptop, water bottle, and set of keys) safe and stored away. This insert can easily be wiped clean and is made from high-quality microsuede that adds to its overall sleek design. 

Price at time of publish: $98

 The Details: Microsuede | 10 x 13.5 x 5.5 inches | 4 pockets

Best for Backpacks

FjallRaven Kanken Backpack Organizer

FjallRaven Kanken Backpack Organizer


Why We Love It
  • This insert is designed to fit securely inside a backpack – particularly other backpacks from the same trusted Swedish brand. 

What to Consider
  • If your backpack doesn’t have a roomy main compartment, this isn’t the best option for you. 

While we love the look and wearability of a backpack, especially when traveling, we don’t love having to stick our entire arm inside to grab something floating around on the bottom. This organizer by the Scandinavian brand FjallRaven slips into the large back pouch of any backpack to add easy-to-reach pockets for your valuables. The removable insert also includes two zippered pockets and two pen holders, as well as a separate compartment for documents.

 Price at time of publish: $40

 The Details: Polyamide | 10.62 x 0.19 x 12.2 inches | 4 pockets

Best for Parents

The Nappy Society Original Bag Insert

The Nappy Society Original Bag Insert

The Nappy Society

Why We Love It
  • This nifty insert will instantly turn almost any purse into a multi-functional diaper bag. 

What to Consider
  • Helpful add-ons like stroller clips and a reusable wet-wipes case are available, but must be purchased separately. 

Hard-working moms and dads are already juggling a million things as it is, making a purse organizer a must while on the go. We love that this one by The Nappy Society doesn’t make you choose between style and function. It can instantly transform your favorite tote into a diaper bag, adding insulated bottle pockets, spaces for diapers, toys, and more. Conveniently, a padded change mat is also included.

 Price at time of publish: $99

 The Details: Coated canvas | 14.5 x 10 x 6.5 inches | 9 pockets

Best RFID-blocking

Travelon RFID-Blocking Purse Organizer

Travelon RFID-Blocking Purse Organizer

The Container Store

Why We Love It
What to Consider
  • This insert is on the smaller side, so it's ideal for a handbag, but likely too small for a typical tote.

The last thing you should have to worry about while traveling is getting your identity or credit card information stolen, and this Travelon purse organizer is your first line of defense. The rigid-yet-lightweight insert protects your cards from being hacked, while also providing interior and exterior storage pouches and a large zippered section to keep things secure.

 Price at time of publish: $30

 The Details: Polyester | 9.6 x 2.5 x 6 inches | 8 pockets

Best for Commuting

ToteSavvy Deluxe Bag Organizer

ToteSavvy Deluxe Bag Organizer


Why We Love It
  • This organizer is all pockets, rather than having one large main compartment – which helps maximize the potential for packing many smaller items.

What to Consider
  • It’s on the heavier side and hand-wash only.

A city commuter’s dream, this unique organizational pouch has 10 functional pockets for all the items you reach for most. In addition to open and zippered pouches, we especially love that it has a plush laptop pocket to fit up to 13-inch screens, and a wide insulated pouch that’s like a built-in lunch bag for snacks and drinks. 

 Price at time of publish: $98

The Details: Nylon | 14 x 10 x 5 inches | 10 pockets

Tips for Buying the Perfect Purse Organizer

Know your bag's measurements

Make sure you check (and double check) the measurements of your bag before you hit “purchase” on any purse organizer. It’s crucial to take these from the bag’s interior rather than the exterior to get an accurate read and ensure the insert will fit snugly inside.

Consider organization needs

Decide which features you’ll need in your ideal purse organizer – whether that means a place for snacks or drinks for your kids, a designated sleeve for your laptop, or waterproof inserts for a water bottle. 

You might have multiple organization needs (and bags), which could be a good excuse to purchase several inserts for different uses. Thankfully, one of the main benefits of a purse insert is that they are easy to remove without having to extract your items, so you can have one for commuting to work and another for the weekend, or multiple inserts for differently sized bags.

Next, take stock of your most crucial everyday items, and how often you find yourself reaching for each one. Once you’ve lined them all up, count out how many pockets you require and the estimated sizes. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What can I put in a purse organizer when traveling?

    A purse organizer is perfect for travel as it can help keep frequently needed items easily accessible. Similar to the exercise above, it’s helpful to take inventory of the things you need during a trip, such as headphones, passport, keys, hand sanitizer, and more. If your upcoming journey requires extensive walking, you might want to consider finding an insert with a dedicated water bottle pouch, or even one you can fit an extra pair of comfortable shoes inside. 

  • How do I clean a purse organizer insert?

    Each purse organizer requires different cleaning methods depending on the material used, so first check any tags or the product website for official instructions. That said, most organizers can be cleaned by gently wiping the surfaces with a clean cloth and a bit of water, especially if it’s constructed from water-resistant nylon. 

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