I travel with Away's Bigger Carry-on Aluminum Edition, and it's an investment frequent fliers won't regret.
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Away aluminum bag
Credit: Courtesy of Away

As a travel writer, there are few things I take as seriously as packing. It’s become a soothing routine for me before trips to diligently roll each piece (yes, I am on #TeamRoll, not fold), pack up my tiny toiletries, and charge all my devices. But one thing I will never, ever do is check my luggage. No matter how long I’m planning to travel for. Never. Not going to happen. Which is why, as someone who essentially packs for a living, I can’t recommend enough that everyone who likes to travel splurges on Away’s most expensive carry-on.

Since its launch in 2015, Away has quickly become a juggernaut in the travel game. Its suitcases are not only adorable but also highly functional. But, nothing quite comes close to its Bigger Carry-On in Aluminum. Here’s what makes it so special.

It’s big enough to fit everything you need on a 10-day journey.

The Bigger-Carry On is just as the name implies; a little bit bigger than the average carry-on. It measures in at 22.7 inches tall and 14.5 inches wide, which is one inch taller and wider than the traditional carry-on. That means you can roll in another pair of pants, a few extra t-shirts, or even a pair of sandals. Or, you could leave it free to plop in a souvenir or two for the way home.

Away aluminum bag
Credit: Courtesy of Away

It has all the bells and whistles of a traditional Away Carry-On — plus extras.

Like other Away bags, this one comes with an ejectable battery that is capable of charging your electronics, like your phone. It also has four 360-degree swivel wheels, a slow-release handle, a hidden laundry bag, leather detailing, and a TSA-approved combination lock.

But inside the bag buyers will get an additional surprise: an extra zippered pocket. Though all Away bags have one, this one has two. And two, as everyone knows, is indeed better than one. The extra pocket comes with clip-ins, meaning it can be removed if you want to stuff a few more things in the main compartment.

Away aluminum bag
Credit: Courtesy of Away

To buy: away.com, $495

It’s extremely durable.

Made with a durable aluminum shell, the bag can truly withstand a lot. And its zipperless shell is my absolute favorite part. That’s because while traditional luggage zippers can be easily manipulated, any would-be thieves would have a very difficult time getting into this bad boy once it’s locked. And though it looks like an absolute tank (in the best way possible) it only weighs in at 11.2 pounds, meaning it’s easy to travel with to your final destination.

You can get the Bigger Carry-On Aluminum Edition at Away.com for $495.