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If you’re on the go, nothing slows you down faster than a clumsy travel bag. Rushing off to the airport? Trying to pack for an extended, multi-city business trip? Or maybe you just like putting your organizational skills to use? A good travel bag—sturdy, efficient, stylish—can be worth its weight in gold, more as a necessity than a mere accessory. Travel + Leisure editors deliberate carefully over which luggage sets are ideal for bringing on a vacation, and make sure to feature only the best that money can buy.

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The Best Travel Cases for Keeping Your Tech Organized

The sheer amount of cords, gadgets, devices, and assorted travel tech essentials that you’re required to carry on with you when you fly can be insufferable. First, there are the chargers: the phone charger, computer charger, battery pack charger. Then, the gadgets: headphones, tablet, smartwatch, phone, camera, portable power bank. Next? The travel items: passport, boarding pass, baggage claim ticket. Then, of course, the essentials: sunglasses, pens, lip balm, et. al.  Related: the Best Travel Wallets Digging through your handbag to find just one of these things in the moment when you need them can be anxiety-inducing and time-consuming. (If only our handbags could double as filing cabinets.) You’ll notice, however, that the well-seasoned travelers around you don’t typically experience this same moment of panic or delay. They’re cool and quick — gliding swiftly through the airport without pause or panic over the prospect of a missing iPhone. Their secret? A travel organizer that keeps all of their most important belongings in one place, untangled and hassle-free. We’ve rounded up the seven best tech cases to keep your travels quick and seamless, just like the pros.
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The Best Lightweight Luggage for Traveling

Anticipating a vacation is part of the fun, but if you’re like most travelers, you don’t look forward to packing your suitcase for the trip. And even fewer vacationers relish the thought of lugging heavy, overstuffed bags into and out of planes, trains, and automobiles, not to mention baggage carousels. Whether you’re someone who has your suitcase packed a week early or one of those who waits until a few frazzled hours before leaving, you want to be sure to have the lightest luggage you can find.  Related:12 Suitcases That Will Make You Love Hardside Luggage These selections are some of the best lightweight luggage options available. They’re sturdy, stylish, and most are four-wheeled so they’ll be easy to handle. Instead of being pulled along behind you, four wheelers glide effortlessly alongside, like a well-trained puppy. Lightweight carry-on bags are easier to hoist into the overhead bins, and lightweight check-in suitcases might just prevent some post-arrival backaches.
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