By Madison Alcedo
October 26, 2018
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

While you should always keep in mind the things you should never fly without — like this portable Mophie charging station and this amazing compressible travel pillow — we’ve finally found the number one thing that will help reduce your stress when traveling.

One of the worst things to experience when traveling is that feeling of anxiety or stress while navigating unfamiliar territory or crowded public places, especially airports. Even if you’ve found other ways to cope with stress like yoga, meditation, or diffusing essential oils, those methods can be particularly difficult while on the go.

Fortunately, we’ve found a quick (and effective) solution to travel stress, which can easily be carried in any bag or luggage, that costs less than $7.

Introducing the Bach Rescue Remedy Natural Stress Relief Pastilles: Lozenges designed to help soothe and calm your mind during stressful situations. Not only do these pastilles have plenty of five-star reviews from stress-ridden Amazon customers, they’re so cheap that you can buy them in bulk so you can have a pack on hand at all times.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To, $7

With a choice of three different flavors — orange elderflower, cranberry, or black currant — the pastilles work as a natural stress reliever thanks to five active ingredients, including helianthemum (to help with courage and presence of mind), clematis vitalba (to help with focus), impatiens glandulifera (to help with patience), prunus cerasifera (to help balance the mind when losing control), and ornithogalum umbellatum (to help soften impact of shock).

While the ingredients might sound like a bunch of gibberish, Amazon shoppers love the $7 pocket-sized travel pack of pastilles because they say they reduce mental stress without causing any “brain fog” or drowsiness. One reviewer who has a fear of flying said, “This product is a must. It helps relieve that nervousness, cold feeling in your stomach of fear and sweaty palms caused by anxiety and nervousness … I swear it’s like my lifesaver.”

Some customers also recommend pairing the pastilles with Bach’s Rescue Remedy Drops, which you can also get on Amazon for only $12.

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