The New Trtl Pillow Is Finally on Amazon — and It's $12 Off for Prime Day

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trtl pillow plus launch
Photo: Courtesy of Trtl

In the travel accessories world, the Trtl pillow is something of a phenomenon. Its unconventional approach to supporting the head and neck changed what a neck pillow could look like — and how well it could work — thus converting travel pillow non-believers everywhere. (It's safe to say our editors are obsessed.) Now, the folks over at Scotland-based Trtl have finally released the 2.0 version: the Trtl Pillow Plus — and you can score one on sale for Amazon Prime Day.

After raising $450,000 in via crowdfunding campaigns on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the new pillow is finally available to shop on Amazon — where it quickly skyrocketed to the No. 1 New Release spot, by the way.

Five years of sleep ergonomics research went into the new version, and two major consumer wishes have been granted: lighter fabric and adjustable height. The new material is far more breathable than the Trtl pillow 1.0's fleece. It's still lined with super-soft micro-fleece, but there's now a mesh panel running along the center that will keep you from overheating. It's also still machine washable for convenience.

trtl pillow plus launch
Courtesy of Trtl

More notably than the fabric change, though, is the new adjustable height feature for the internal support 'V'. Unwrapped, there are two auto-locking toggles that you can twist toward the right to expand or toward the left to shorten. And they operate independently of one another, so your Trtl can be shorter near your face and taller behind your shoulder, for example. Actually, it has 80 possible configurations — 80!

We tested one and were surprised to learn that once you get your height settings just-right Goldilocks style, you won't even need to wrap the fabric around your neck. The pillow will snuggle itself in between your head and shoulder and just do its thing on its own.

The price point for the Plus has gone up alongside the quality, usually retailing at $60 (the original Trtl Pillow generally retails for $30 on Amazon). But for Amazon Prime Day 2019, you can shop the new Trtl Pillow Plus for $48.

New Trtl Pillow Plus

trtl pillow plus launch
Courtesy of Trtl

To buy:, $48 (originally $60)

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