By Richelle Szypulski
June 06, 2019
Courtesy of Trtl

The best-selling Trtl Pillow is the stuff of neck pillow legend. Since it came onto the travel sleep scene a few years ago, its innovative scarflike support has hooked travelers everywhere (including our editors). Personally, it's the only pillow I swear by for sound sleep in transit. But Scottish brand Trtl isn't stopping there.

Hot off the heels of the Trtl Pillow Plus launch earlier this year, the brand is back with another new spinoff of the super popular Trtl Pillow: the Trtl Pillow Junior, which is sized for children ages 8 to 14. It's got all the features of the original Trtl: soft fleece fabric, easy packability, adjustable wraparound comfort, and a built-in support system that lets travelers rest their heads to one side.

The design team worked with local elementary and middle schools in Scotland — both asking for comfort feedback and taking thousands of neck, jaw, and shoulder measurements — to come up with a product that truly meets the needs of younger travelers. Kids also helped to choose the three color and print options: Aqua Pop Blue, Sea Camo, and Zebra.

Courtesy of Trtl

Plus, to celebrate the launch, Trtl is offering a limited-time discount of 15 percent when you purchase with code 15TRTLJNR. And hot tip: the code will apply to all Trtl products on

Trtl Pillow Junior

Courtesy of Trtl

To buy:, $25 (15% off with code 15TRTLJNR)