Your next international flight is about to get so much comfier.

By Hillary Maglin
September 03, 2019
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Trtl Pillow - Scientifically Proven Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Let’s face it: trying to catch some Zs on long, international flights is borderline impossible. Sure, your seat may recline a bit, but not enough to sweep you off to dreamland without the help of a cushy neck pillow. And even then, we’re all shaped differently — who’s to say those things will even provide support exactly where you need it?

TRTL Pillow
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Well, that’s where the Trtl Pillow comes in. It’s the travel pillow that conforms to the unique curvature of your body, and keeps you warm in the process. Oh, and for today only, it’s on Amazon for just $18.

The Trtl pillow, a soft, blanket-like neck wrap is designed to support the weight of your head in the precise way you need it to on lengthy flights and drives. When you wrap it snugly around your neck area, its padded material allows you to sleep in an upright position without any head-nodding or uncomfortable neck kinks. Not to mention, the wrap keeps cold cabin air away from your neck, allowing for the coziest in-flight snooze of your life. Essentially, if you use Trtl the right away, you’ll be able to sleep soundly for hours of travel without waking up to pains or muscle spasms in your neck and shoulders.

Want to take your in-flight comfort even further? The pillow’s deluxe version, the Trtl Pillow Plus, featuring a layer of premium foam padding, is also on Amazon for $48 during today's Deal of the Day, and comes with a waterproof carrying bag.

TRTL Pillow Plus
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $48 (normally $60)

If you take anything from this article, make it this: that horseshoe-shaped neck pillow in your closet is, well, doable, but if guaranteed comfort and hours of rest during your next flight or bus ride is what you’re after, a Trtl Pillow may just be the ticket.