TrailBuddy Trekking Poles - 2-pc Pack Adjustable Hiking or Walking Sticks

These Trekking Poles With Over 6,000 Perfect Reviews Make All the Difference on Hikes

Shoppers say they take on every terrain with ease.
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After spending a week adventuring along the many trails of The Grand Teton National Park recently, I couldn't help but notice how many of my fellow hikers seemed to breeze by with the help of trekking poles. Though I'd never thought of adding a set to my own outdoor gear, I left the park with a new interest, which of course, led me to a thorough Amazon search.

My curiosity brought me to TrailBuddy's Trekking Poles — a number one Amazon best-seller with more than 12,000 reviews left by shoppers. And with an average review of 4.8 stars, they stand out from the rest for good reason. 

If you're not already familiar with the benefits of hiking sticks (which I admittedly wasn't before my post-Teton deep dive), you may be surprised. Not only do they reduce stress on your feet and joints, but they can also improve your endurance uphill, encourage a more balanced posture, and even aid in burning more calories as you distribute some of the strain from your legs to give your upper body a workout, too. And, of course, they provide more stability so you can take on various terrains during your trek. 

According to the thousands of shoppers who swear  by them, the TrailBuddy poles are lightweight and durable, and they feature comfortable design elements that make all the difference — like easy-to-use lever locks that allow you to extend and adjust the height even while  you're wearing gloves or hiking through slippery terrain. It's no wonder hikers count on them for adventures far and wide 

"These trekking poles are amazing," one reviewer said. "I bought them back in May 2018 and they've been through a lot. I have done Half Dome in Yosemite, Mt Whitney, Picacho del Diablo , Pico de Orizaba, and all high peaks in Los Angeles and Southern California. I've used them on rainy, muddy, and snow terrains. They have gotten stuck between rocks close to breaking but they are really well made poles. Highly recommended!" 

Even if you're not hitting the trails anytime soon, adding a pair of trekking poles to your arsenal can be just as beneficial for everyday tasks, too. One shopper, who left a glowing review for the gear, said they've been using them for daily walks around the block after recovering from knee replacements and back surgery.

"I have wanted to start a walking program but still had some pain issues especially with my lower back," they shared. "I did some, well lots of research about using walking poles and decided to give it a try… I bought this brand and I love walking with these poles. I walk in a neighborhood on sidewalks so I ordered the extra thick tips from another company. These have made a great difference in my stamina and aim to increase my steps daily. These poles are made very well and are very comfortable to use. My neighbors can't really figure out why I'm using poles , but hey, I may start a trend. You will not be disappointed. They are changing my life!" 

If you're as sold as I am, you can head to Amazon to add a pair of the popular trekking poles to your own hiking gear lineup. 

TrailBuddy Trekking Poles - 2-pc Pack Adjustable Hiking or Walking Sticks
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